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1You’ll be saving a life and helping a dog  in need                               

2. Get a dog that’s already spayed/neutered and up to date on it's shots


3. Saves on puddles -they are usually housetrained


4. Experience unconditional love that  a devoted loyal pyr can give


5. Nothing is cuter than a Pyrenees puppy!


6. Help with meeting your weight loss goals -they make perfect personal trainers!


7. You’ll get an instant loyal, calm companion for life 


8. Be the envy of the neighborhood walking such an eye-catching, majestic dog


9. No surprises — with an adult you’ll know their size and temperament right away


10. Your couch will always be warm in winter  



Great Pyrenees - A Story of Compassion, Courage and Hope





  Pheonix - "Best Rescue"                    

The mythological Phoenix; a great, fiery bird that rises from the ashes of its destruction to soar with the victory of its resurrection. And so it is with our beloved Phoenix.

pheonix beforeFor eight agonizing years his life was spent on a pitiless chain. He lived in mud and filth, weathering the harshest conditions—from the boiling Texas sun, to November’s furious downpours—with inadequate shelter at best. He knew Man as one of two things: A hot kick to the ribs, or an icy stare of neglect. He ate only enough to survive, and only what he could kill; rodents, bugs, the occasional unlucky squirrel. He was neglected, beaten, and starved to the brink of death—for eight inexcusable years.

Phoenix finally became an SPCA cruelty seizure, and sadly regarded as ”œhopeless.” He was covered in feces and urine, loaded with fleas and ticks, and was emaciated to the tune of a mere 69 pounds. His teeth had rotten down to nubs from malnutrition and  biting at his chain to free himself and  what remained of is fur fell out in large clumps.  Blood work revealed his liver and kidneys were shutting down and he was riddled with heartworms.  He was near death, beyond exhaustion, and painfully broken. No one thought he would survive. No one thought he could be rehabilitated.

The SPCA thought he was a helpless case but when Malise of Great Pyrenees Rescue Society first saw Phoenix, through her tears,  she saw in him the tiny glimmer of hope that she sees for all animals.  Only she knew that he was the living embodiment of the spirit of the great Phoenix—and given the devoted love and care that he deserved,  he could rise from the ashes of his prolonged devastation.

Great Pyrenees Rescue Society stepped up and today, Phoenix  is a trim 110 pound.   He has a pheonix afterglorious coat of white, his blood work is normal and he is heart worm free.   Although he is still awaiting hip surgery to repair the damage from years of neglect he is at last strong enough to undergo it.   He has a glint in his eye and a smile on his face.

 Pheonix is still in a foster home awaiting finding his permanent home. He loves his foster mum, Malise, with profound devotion and at last is assured that he will live out  the remainder of his years in dignity, triumph and freedom—like every magnificent Phoenix is destined.

 Sadly, we lost Phoenix in October 2008 from complications from his hip surgery.  We were with Phoenix while he crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Rest in peace my sweet boy - you were truly loved your last year of life.  I will remember you forever, my dear.



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