Animal Success Stories
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Buttons in OR

Buttons (now Olive) was one of the pack that was abandoned for months Two of her siblings were shot. She came to us to foster with Brooke and Bubbles. We fell in love and she became our third dog. (Bubbles and Brooke were on their way to a forever home). She's still a shy girl but is gentle, sweet, and huge. She melts us every time we look at her. She loves her brother Ewen (Pyr) and sister Leela (a Newfie mix). We didn't think the name Buttons quite fit her. She had a kind of wink and huge fore-arms. We thought "if she was a boy we'd name her Popeye....." We looked at each other at the same time and said "Olive!"

Ewen in Portland

Ewen is miracle! We were reeling from the loss of our beloved Uffda (Newfie mix) so we decided to help out with a transport for GPRS. We thought we'd walk some dogs and get to know the situation. We didn't even think about fostering. At the end of our time there were 2 dogs left needing fostering, Dallas and Ewen. We said "what the heck, we'll foster both!" Everyone fell in love with Dallas wherever we went. Such a handsome boy. Alas, Ewen was kind of a "Charlie Brown Christmas tree" of a dog. He was set to be adopted but that fell through and that's how he ended up with us for fostering. Our hearts went out to him and he was helping us heal too. Our next door neighbor adopted Dallas and we adopted Ewen. He's wonderful and sweet and protective. He's even got his "Good Canine Citizen" certification. We hope to make him a therapy dog soon. Words will never do justice for what a special soul he is. And what handsome young male he has become!


Moe is now Bear. We have had Bear for a little over a month now and he has transitioned quite well. We are amazed that he is so gentle and loving. It seems hard to believe that he was a stray, as he has not shown any type of aggression. My son has a female Pyr, Emmie, and she and Bear have become great friends. He and Emmie eat together and Emmie tries to finish his food, and he just moves aside. He has helped her overcome some of her shyness. We couldn't be happier with him, as he is proving to be an excellent companion for my husband and myself.


I’m happy to report that Jake is adjusting well to life here in New York , and he is the best dog we could ever have hoped for. He is loving, gentle, smart, and sooo much fun. My boys (ages 9 & 7) both adore Jake, and he can’t get enough of them. We really haven’t had any problems to speak of. Jake enjoys a mile long walk with me each day which he loves. At about noon when we usually go, he often brings me my boot as if to say “are you ready?” He especially likes taking me out on snowy days. We put a bed in the family room for Jake. He uses it sometimes but often sleeps under the dining room table which he treats like his den. He’s eating well and has gained weight. His coat has also come in beautifully. Jake has also learned the commands “sit”, “lay down”, and “paw”. It all came very easily to him. Adopting Jake was one of the best decisions we have ever made as a family. Even my husband who has never had a dog before agrees!


Dakota is the light of my life - but not of my cat's life, lol. Yo can see that the cold weather and snow have not slowed her down one bit - she LOVES the snow (I really don't think she is 9). Dakota and I walk about 5 miles a day and she is truly the "girl about town" as EVERYONE always wants to pet her, and they don't have much choice in the matter as she inserts herself into everyone's way by just walking up to them and very gently leaning into them and waiting for them to pet her. People simply can't believe how gentle she is. And don't get me started about Dakota and kids. If I don't start the morning walk early enough to miss the bus stop circuit, we are out there for an extra 30 minutes as she just won't walk past any child waiting for the bus - period. She and I go everywhere together - in fact, her foster and I stay in touch on a fairly regular basis and she always tells me that people report seeing Dakota and I. And that, of course, feels good. Everyone I know adores her and she is welcome at every social function I attend, even by my friends that have allergies. They just can't resist her sweet nature.

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