Animal Success Stories
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Luke is fabulous! Island life suits him. He likes to sleep outside and always does a 'happy dance' at meal time. He loves his dad - as you can see in the photo. Luke goes on duty at dusk and protects us from monsters at night - which is evident by the lack of monsters we've encountered since adopting him! He lays down by the front door (outside) where he has a bed, water and shelter from the elements. He goes off duty at dawn and comes in for some well deserved petting for a job well done! He then retires to his room (formerly known as my walk in closet!) for a nap before breakfast. At the first sound of dog bowls being filled he's up and heading to his feeding spot. The dogs all have (and know) their own place to eat. He dances until his food arrives. An hour after breakfast we go on our first walk and Luke will plod along until he decides he's walked enough and will turn around and head home. (I might mention we have five acres with wooded trails and so are able to walk our dogs off leash.) After walking there is always a treat and all the dogs immediately head for the 'dog room' (formerly known as the laundry room). The rest of Luke's day is spent either in or out, depending on how he feels, the weather seems to have no bearing on his choice. During the day he will walk the perimeter of the property - we assume to check and make sure no monsters crossed the property line while he was taking a nap! He also likes to hang out with his dad if he is working on the property, barking to alert his dad should any pesky eagles or turkey buzzards approach. Luke has a good life with lots of love, good food, walks, a job and soft places to lay - not to mention his own room! When the weather is warm our front door is open 24/7, but as the weather got colder we would have to shut it. We would get up in the middle of the night and see if he wanted to come inside, but he would just raise his head and look at us as if to say "Would you mind closing the door?". Luke is really a 'no problem' dog. I think he was a little confused when he first arrived here - who wouldn't be!? It seems to us that even this past few months he has really bonded with us. He is indifferent to the other dogs and doesn't even move when the other dogs have to jump over him (some with less agility than others) to get in or out of the house. Usually either Thayne and/or myself are with the dogs. If they are left alone it is never for more than an hour or two - the time it takes to drive to the village and run errands, or grab a bite to eat together. They all give us so much joy - each in their own way. They make us laugh daily (hourly) and Luke is no exception. We would love to see Luke there as a Goodwill Spokesdog for the benefits of adopting a senior dog!


Casper has found heaven! The pix are from yesterday’s ski . He loves the snow!!! He is the perfect addition to our pack. We got him to replace our old Pyr, who died last February. But, he does so much more than replace her! We call him “puppy boy” “for short” because he has soooo much energy & just runs like lightening through the snow! We & he couldn’t be happier!


Winters name is now Sadie...She is absolutely great. I love her to pieces. She is a typical puppy geting into puppy mischief and playing nonstop. I also have a 4 year old Alaskan Klee Kai that has finally come out of his shell. They play constantly. Ruff at times, but no blood shed - just alot of noise and throwing each other to the ground. They are seriously just playing. It has been great to see him play after all these years of thinking he was a cat and just sat on the top of the couch. They are both taken for long walks daily and Sadie loves the snow. We have plenty of that for her to enjoy. She catches snow balls. We are working on basic obedience - she is doing quite well. She has a wonderful kind personality. I am a nurse and I was bringing her to work with the young brain injured patients and they would light up when they saw her coming and would do everything they could to pet her, hug and kiss her. Of course she loved kissing right back. It was great to see some of these folks smile even if it were only for a few minutes a day. She loves all other animals and children of all ages. She is easy to take in the car. She sleeps in her car crate. She has already grown at least twice her size and has put on weight. I have to say all of you at the rescue society are angels for what you do.


Both Newt and Ben are rescue pyr's. I got Ben out of a kill shelter in TN. They are the joy of my life. I have always Had pyr mixes and always will. There is such love and loyalty in the breed. A playful nature that you might not expect from a large breed. I love them so much and try to expose them to all sorts of situations and places so they will be comfortable and sociable. So far so good! They love the cats too.. AWSOME members of the family!


My dog is doing wonderful. His name is not Linus anymore, we've changed it to Sebastien, he responds to that completely now. He really IS a Sebastien, his look, his stride...he's very French ;) He's gained 16 lbs since he came here too, he's 95 now and that's were he is supposed to stay because he's only half pyr. His hair also has darkened a great deal, it's almost a champagne color now, I suppose that is the golden retriever in him. He sheds A LOT and he hates being groomed, which is just too bad for him, he he he. He's adapting to life in Philadelphia just fine. We've had 80 inches of snow since I had him. he was afraid of the snow at first, but then I showed him how to play and I took him to a place where I can let him off leash and now he loves it. He also will do anything for cheese. He wears a backpack when he goes hiking with me and he is going to become a therapy dog! There isn't a day that goes by (literally) that I don't get a compliment on his beauty. People are always asking me what kind of breed is he and where I got him. Most people are surprised and saddened when they hear his story. He's just too cute to have been on the streets. Veterinarians anticipate his age at 19 months, he's a puppy and he plays like a puppy except he's well behaved and great on the leash! I love him so much, I'm very proud to be his mom. He's so loving and sweet, he will lay in bed with you and cuddle for hours! My family loves him very much too.

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