The following are ways in which YOU can help GPRS, even if now isn’t the right time to have your very own Gentle Giant esconsced in your entry way. Many of these needs can be met virtually, so please consider your own talents and how you can help make a dog’s dream of a permanent home a reality!

Our needs fluctuate, so please let us know how you can lend a paw.

•    Shelter Liaison: Call shelters about dogs in danger and keep the group updated on their status. (5-10 hrs/wk)
•    Foster Liaison: Be a foster guru by keeping tabs on fosters/potential fosters and their needs. Help track vetting, collect dog photos and find out what adopters need to know about the dogs in foster. (5-10 hrs/wk)
•    Vet Liaison: Contact vet's offices to explore setting up relationships, discounted pricing, etc. (1-2 hrs/wk)
•    Adopter Liaison: Check in with adoptive families to see how things are going and help provide support/resources as needed. Maintain list of adopters and provide updates, pictures, etc. (10+ hrs/wk)
•    Transport Coordinator: Coordinate transport of dogs to airports and other transport locations for out-of-state adoptions to loving families. (3-5 hrs/wk)
•    Volunteer Coordinator: Arrange for volunteers to attend events and help out at foster homes with large numbers of foster dogs. (3-5 hrs/wk)
•    Public Relations: Help us with community outreach and education via event coordination, advertising, media, etc. (3-5 hrs/wk)
•    Website Coordinator: Maintain website front page by posting new stories, etc. (1-3 hrs/wk)
•    Web Research: Research medical conditions, medicine costs, dog supplies, etc. (5-10 hrs/wk)
•    Listing Coordinator: Take write-ups from fosters and add some consistent flair.  Coordinate listing with our pet portal updater, etc. (3-5 hrs/wk)
•    Fundraiser: Work on creative ideas and put them into action to raise money. (5-10 hrs/wk)
•    Grant Writer: Fill out paperwork to various agencies to get grant money for the group. (1-3 hrs/wk)
•    Pet Supplier Liaison: Contact pet companies to get donations/discounts for much needed dog supplies (flea, wormer, crates, food, etc.). (3-5 hrs/wk)

And of course, we can always use any cash donations to help with shelter fees, vetting dogs, food, etc. Thank you for caring!

To volunteer, click here.