Great Pyrenees Rescue Society

About Great Pyrenees Rescue Society

Great Pyrenees Rescue Society (GPRS) is a rescue group that focuses on rescuing dogs in Texas and places many in the Pacific Northwest including Oregon and Washington state.  Great Pyrenees Rescue Society is a coalition of rescuers founded by Malise Saucier in 2006 to facilitate the placement of Great Pyrenees dogs and Pyr mixes across the country, with rescues located in several states that have high kill shelter rates for the Great Pyrenees breed.  GPRS has long history of successful adoptions both in Texas and in the Northwest through a monthly transport of Pyrs from Texas to the Pacific NW. GPRS also has a large network of fosters for Pyrs both in the Northwest and Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need to Owner Surrender?

We have foster homes in Texas, Oregon, and Washington where we can take owner surrenders.  If you are not in one of those states, please see above and reach out to one of the rescues that are located nearest your location.  We have an owner surrender form, where you can enter all of the information about your Great Pyrenees, and you will be contacted by a volunteer if we have a foster open and available.  If you can keep your Pyr for a short while, that is always helpful while we try to find an open foster home. 

Please fill out the Owner Surrender Form if you are looking for a foster. 

You can also Email Us at:

Do you know about a Pyrenees or Pyrenees-Mix in a shelter?

We have limited volunteers so we are not able to call about every shelter dog within Texas.  If you are sending us a dog to ask us to look into rescuing, please take the following steps:

  • Call the shelter or posting person and ask if the dog is already safe (adopted or rescue hold).  Many times the dog is already returned to their owner or has an adoption hold.
  • Find out if the dog is good with other dogs, cats and kids (if that information is available).
  • Post the dog on your Facebook page and ask for a foster home for the dog.  Many times we cannot pull the dog without a foster.
  • Ask people to fill out the application to foster to become a foster home.  
  • If a dog is not in Texas, Washington, Oregon or Idaho, we cannot help. A list of other rescues in the other states can be found at National Pyrs.

We don't have enough foster homes to help all the dogs in shelters - that is the simple, painful truth.  We wish people would be empathetic to dogs other than their own but that is not the case in Texas. 

We have the same fosters that care over and over again while most people look for another person to help. We need more people to step up to help! Please consider filling out the application to foster, and help us to save Great Pyrenees in Texas!

Can I adopt a Livestock Guardian Dog from Great Pyrenees Rescue Society?

Great Pyrenees Rescue Society only has Pyrenees and Pyrenees-mixes that have been surrendered because they were not good with livestock, or they were strays found wandering and not staying with their livestock. Due to this, we cannot safely place them in livestock homes. All dogs are placed in one of our many foster homes where they learn to be house dogs that enjoy being with their families. 

WE DO have a recommendation for a very good Texas based rescue that specializes in rescuing livestock guardian dogs and adopting them to loving hobby farms and small livestock homes. BLUEBONNET ANIMAL RESCUE is an organization that we know very well and we highly recommend.